Adams and Associates, Inc., a Reno, Nevada, based company, was formed in 1990 with the sole mission of operating youth and children's programs for local, state and federal governmental agencies.

The Company has grown to over 2,000 full, part-time and contract staff members at 19 locations across the country, providing services to over 11,500 young people per year ranging in age from infant to young adult.

In addition to our Reno office, we have corporate offices located in Columbia, Maryland and Worcester, Massachusetts. The Company has been awarded over 40 residential and training related contracts. The following is an overview of Company programs and services:


The Company operates at 16 Job Corps Center locations under contract with the U.S. Department of Labor. The majority of the Job Corps Centers across the country are operated by private-sector contractors. This year round residential training program is designed to provide social skills/work ethic, educational and vocational skills to at-risk, disadvantaged young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who lack employability skills and have not been successful in the traditional learning environment.

We currently operate the Atterbury, Delaware Valley, Exeter, Gadsden, Glenmont, Grafton, IndyPendence, Joliet, Kittrell, Little Rock, New Hampshire, Red Rock, Shriver, Treasure Island, Woodland and Woodstock Job Corps Centers. We are also a major subcontractor to MJLM for the Sacramento Job Corps Center. 

The Atterbury Job Corps Center, site of a former military base, is located 35 miles south of Indianapolis and provides training services to over 1,200 residential students from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and other states in the Chicago Region.

The Delaware Valley Job Corps Center is located in Callicoon, in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Western New York, the Center serves 700 students annually from the New York City area..

The Exeter Job Corps Center is a newly constructed facility located in central Rhode Island, designed to provide services to over 400 students per year.

The Gadsden Job Corps Center is operated on a college campus located in Gadsden, Alabama and serves approximately 600 students per year, primarily from Alabama. This program is operated in partnership with Gadsden State Community College.

The Glenmont Job Corps Center is located on the Hudson River in Albany, New York and serves 700 students per year, primarily from the New York City, Yonkers, Poughkeepsie and Albany areas.

The Grafton Job Corps Center serves students from Massachusetts and other New England states and provides training for 600 students annually. The Center is located in central Massachusetts and has a capacity of 300 students, including a combination of residential and non-residential students.

The IndyPendence Job Corps Center is a nonresidential satellite Center located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana serving young females ages 16-24. Approximately 200 students per year receive training and support services.

The Joliet Job Corps Center serves students from throughout Illinois, but particularly the greater Chicago area, and provides training for 600 students annually. Training is provided at a former high school with new residential facilities.

Kittrell Job Corps Center: The newest addition to the “Adams Family,” the Kittrell Job Corps Center is located in Kittrell, North Carolina, 40 miles north of Raleigh-Durham. The Center serves students from throughout North Carolina and provides training for 650 students annually.

The Little Rock Job Corps Center is a newly constructed facility (2008) providing training for 600 students annually from across Arkansas, preparing them for demand driven jobs throughout the state.

New Hampshire Job Corps Center: Adams and Associates was recently selected to operate the new New Hampshire Job Corps Center in Manchester. This Center will open in October 2015. The New Hampshire Center will serve 300 students per year from throughout the state..

The Red Rock Job Corps Center is located on a former Air Force Radar site in the mountains of Northwestern Pennsylvania. The Center serves 600 students annually from the Philadelphia, Reading, Harrisburg and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton areas.

Sacramento Job Corps Center: Adams and Associates was recently selected as a subcontractor for operation of the Sacramento Job Corps Center in California. The Center serves approximately 800 students per year. Adams manages the Student Services (Social Development, Dorm Life, Wellness, Recreation and Counseling) for the Center. Adams also provides Placement and Transitional Support Services for graduates of the Center.

The Shriver Job Corps Center, named after the Job Corps and Peace Corps founder, Sergeant Shriver, is located in north-central Massachusetts, designed to provide services to over 600 students per year. Training is provided in partnership with Mount Wachusett College, specializing in Technology.

The Treasure Island Job Corps Center is located literally in the center of San Francisco Bay on the former Treasure Island Naval Base. The Center serves approximately 1,200 students annually primarily from the greater San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California. It is the location of Job Corps' premier Advanced Culinary Arts Program.

The Woodland Job Corps Center, located north of Washington D.C. in Southern Maryland, houses 300 students in five dorms and provides training to approximately 600 students annually from the Washington, DC/Southern Maryland area.

The Woodstock Job Corps Center is located outside of Baltimore, Maryland and serves students primarily from Baltimore and the surrounding area. This Center serves over 1,000 students annually. The Center is housed in a large pre-Civil War historical seminary.


Adams and Associates operates six Outreach and Admissions (O/A) contracts that include community outreach and linkage development, youth recruitment, screening and eligibility determination and assignment to USDOL programs. The geographic locations served include the following:

  • Glenmont - Upstate New York
  • Grafton - Central Massachusetts
  • IndyPendence - Greater Indianapolis Area
  • Fort Devens (Shriver)- Northern Massachusetts
  • Exeter - State of Rhode Island
  • Gadsden - State of Alabama


Adams and Associates operates seven Career Transition Services (CTS) contracts that provide support services to Job Corps students after they leave the program. These services include job search, relocation and independent living assistance, continuing education assistance, on-the-job counseling, job development, employer outreach and counseling services. The geographic locations served are listed below.

  • Red Rock - Pennsylvania
  • Exeter - State of Rhode Island
  • Fort Devens - Northern Massachusetts
  • Woodstock - State of Maryland
  • Gadsden - Alabama
  • Glenmont - Northern New York
  • Grafton - Central Massachusetts
  • Treasure Island - Northern California


Many of Adams' students are living independently or homeless. Our Albany, New York, Glenmont Job Corps Center operates a special homeless youth program in partnership with the City of New York Department of Social Services. Approximately 100 inner-city homeless youth are served each year in this program which has achieved excellent results.


All of Adams' operated programs and facilities include a core behavioral adjustment, student management system based upon a variety of peer influence, sanctions, incentives and positive normative culture approaches.

Adams and Associates designed, developed and implemented a national Job Corps student behavioral adjustment program at the Tulsa Job Corps Center. This "redirection" program was provided to behavioral "at-risk" Job Corps students. Job Corps students whose behavior was determined to be unacceptable were scheduled for a disciplinary termination. As an alternative, a Job Corps Center could transfer the student to the Adams' Tulsa Redirection Program. This was a highly successful program with student outcomes that were 15% better than the national Job Corps performance statistics.


Adams and Associates manages and provides the following support services at our various contract locations:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Academics
  • Career Technical Training
  • Food Services Operation
  • Facility Maintenance and Construction
  • Payroll and Finance
  • Recreation Programs
  • TEAP/Substance Abuse Programs
  • Career Counseling
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Work Based Learning
  • Job Placement
  • Peer Leadership Training
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Dental Clinics
  • Transportation/Motorpool
  • Medical Clinics
  • GED/High School Diploma Programs
  • Advanced College Training
  • IT/MIS Management
  • Purchasing
  • Equipment Maintenance, Inventory & Control
  • Safety/Security (OSHA)
  • Staff Benefits Administration
  • Insurance Programs and Workers Compensation
  • Women's Programs
  • Affirmative Action, Diversity & EEO
  • Behavior Management
  • Personal Counseling
  • Human Resources
  • Employability Skill Development
  • Staff Training
  • Military Career Preparation


Professional Certifications for Staff: Adams has taken the lead as a Company to sponsor certification initiatives and provide mechanisms for staff to obtain credentials from external sources. Our efforts include certifications in academic and career technical training, social development/youth development and career development facilitation. For example:

Academic Accreditation: Adams has secured Corporate accreditation for Academic Programs from AdvancED, formerly the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). This accreditation has raised the level of academic instruction and services we provide to students. All individual Adams-operated Centers were awarded Center accreditation in 2009.

Career Technical Accreditation: We have acquired Corporate accreditation with the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), whose curricula and certification in the construction industry are approved by the National Office of Job Corps. Through this process, selected staff participate in the Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) and become certified Master Trainers who, in turn, can certify other staff.

Residential Staff: We have a training and certification agreement with the University of Oklahoma to provide Center staff with college credit and professional certification. This program is provided by the University’s National Resource Center for Youth Services (NRCYS), a nationally recognized training and certification body. Training components include Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB), Residential Youth Care Professional Certification and Testing Program and Understanding Youth Development.

Adams sponsors the University’s MAB Train-the-Trainer Certification semi-annually for staff. Successful completion of this program results in certification and Continuing Education Units from the University of Oklahoma.

Common Sense Parenting: Common Sense Parenting is an application of the Boys Town Family Home Program which serves as the primary behavioral intervention at our children's emergency shelters. The program's logical strategies and teachable techniques address issues of communication, discipline, decision making, relationships, self control and school success.

Career Development Facilitation (CDF) Certification: Adams employs Melissa Tran, a CDF trainer and recognized expert, to provide CDF training to Job Corps staff at all Adams’ locations.

Glen Mills Normative Culture Training: Adams has established the Glen Mills Normative Culture Initiative to strengthen our normative culture principles. The Glen Mills Schools has conducted training for Adams’ Corporate and Center staff.

Corporate Human Resources Oversight: In addition to providing technical assistance to develop Staff Training Plans, the Corporate Human Resources (HR) Department and Corporate Training Coordinator utilize the “ABRA” HR software system to monitor staff training at all locations. ABRA is also used by site HR Managers, supporting a coordinated approach between Corporate and contract locations. With the ABRA training module, HR Management can create a training database and schedule, as well as document and track all training results. This module has significantly enhanced the organization and administration of Adams’ staff training system.


The USDOL/Job Corps tracks, rates and ranks the performance of all Job Corps contracts based on student outcomes and benefits utilizing an Outcome Measurement System (OMS).  The OMS accumulates and reports student data to include a variety of student outcomes (e.g. High School Diploma and GED success rates, reading and math skill gains, vocational training completion, graduate placement rates, wage rates, job retention etc.).

The USDOL /Job Corps establishes program goals and individual Center goals for each outcome criteria and rates Center performance compared to goal.  Goals are established and tracked on a Job Corps Program Year basis (July 1 through June 30 of each year).  Based upon performance outcomes, 125 Centers are ranked #1 best to 125 worst.

The following chart compares Adams and Associates’ average Center performance with the National program average and the 4 largest, most experienced contractors for five consecutive Program Years (PY).  During this period, Adams and Associates consistently outperformed the national average and was ranked the highest performing operator for four out of five Program Years.


On this web site you will find useful information on Job Corps, Employment Opportunities, our Centers and resources.


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