Grafton Job Corps Career Academy is housed on 75 acres of land that is a small portion of the 1,200 acres that was once the Grafton State Hospital. The hospital was established in 1901 for what were called, “chronic insane patients”. The hospital was closed in 1973 as the first series of closures in Massachusetts of a number of Insane Asylums. Now the 1,200 acres are used by Tufts Veterinary School, Grafton Job Corps Career Academy, and other state agencies. A graveyard remains on a nearby hilltop across the street from Grafton Career Academy with 1,041 numbered, nameless graves of persons who died in the institution. Grafton Career Academy generally goes to the graveyard and cleans it annually of leaves and sticks.

Staff are helpful and welcoming to all students that enroll in the program at our Center. From the Center Director to the Food Service Workers, students are given the utmost respect for their choice to enroll and better their lives.

Students are delighted with the variety of recreational offerings on the Center, including billiards, table tennis, foosball, television lounge and movie lounge. Recreation also offers a library, dance room and a student store. Off Center trips include trips to the movies, theater, museum, sports games, beach, shopping, and the bank runs. Additionly, the Center has a physical fitness gym with tread mills, stair climbers, weights, and many types of nautilus machines to firm and define those muscles.

The Center serves approximately 475 students annually, ages 16 - 24, from all over New England. It is conveniently located near the MBTA station. It is close to the City of Worcester which has bus services to all major cities in New England. 

As a student, you will enjoy your time on the Center learning career and employability skills that will take you to new opportunities in your life.

The Student Benefits Include: 
Career Technical Training
•  Academic Opportunities (GED Attainment or High School Diploma)
•  Room and Board
•  Medical and Dental Care
•  Recreational Activities
•  Field Trips
•  Spending Money
•  Real World Work Experience
•  Graduation Bonus
•  Job Placement Assistance

The Grafton Job Corps Center offers the following Career Technical Training and Academic Programs:

Career Technical Training Programs:
• Advanced Residential Advisor
• Carpentry
• Clinical Medical Assistant
• Culinary Arts
• Electrician
• Facilities Maintenance
• Medical Office Support
• Military Careers Preparation Program (MILCAP)
• Nurse Assistant / Home Health Aide
• Plumbing
• Security
Academic Programs:
• Math & Reading
• Mentoring
• GED - General Education Diploma
• High School Diploma
• Community College for Qualified & Motivated Students
• ELL (English Language Learner)
• Tutoring
• Study Groups
• Counseling
• Leadership
• Driver's Education




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