Welcome to Joliet Job Corps, Home of the Jaguars! Joliet serves over 480 students annually and the campus previously was the site of the Joliet East High School. We are situated on 59 acres in Joliet, Illinois and serve students in the greater Chicago area. Joliet is about 35 miles from Chicago. Joliet is serviced by the Metra train line which takes many of our students home for the weekend to Chicago.

During their leisure time, students are offered various recreational activities including arts & crafts, movies, card games, pool tables, a gym, etc. Students are also taken on recreational trips to professional sport venues, community fairs, movies, and various museums. Our students are encouraged to utilize the Non-Resident Lounge that has a comfortable reading room, a study lounge, and a nice workout room. Our male students have a weight room in the Recreation Center.

Our students also are encouraged to participate in annual events such as a Summer Prom, Winter Formal, Leadership Conferences, Women’s Day Conference, and Midnight Breakfast upon return from Summer Break. We also have annual service days, Make a Difference Day and Youth Service Days, where our students go out into the community and offer their service. We offer the following programs to assist students in their connection to Joliet Center, “Footsteps” Mentor Program, structured Evening Program, and Peer Directed Program. Students are honored on a monthly basis with an Awards Assembly.

The Student Benefits Include: 
Career Technical Training
•  Academic Opportunities (GED Attainment or High School Diploma)
•  Room and Board
•  Medical and Dental Care
•  Recreational Activities
•  Field Trips
•  Spending Money
•  Real World Work Experience
•  Graduation Bonus
•  Job Placement Assistance

The Joliet Job Corps Center offers the following Career Technical Training and Academic Programs:

Career Technical Training Programs:
• Business Technology
• Cement Masonry
• Facilities Maintenance
• Military Careers Preparations Program (MILCAP)
• Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide
• Pharmacy Technician
• Security
• Tile & Floor Covering
Academic Programs:
• Math & Reading
• Mentoring
• GED - General Education Diploma
• High School Diploma
• Community College for Qualified & Motivated Students
• ELL (English Language Learner)
• Tutoring
• Study Groups
• Counseling
• Leadership
• Driver's Education




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