ex_ripmeapartThe Exeter Job Corps Center ensured its Youth 2 Youth activities carried on throughout Y2Y Week.

The week kicked off with the “Who Wants to Get Real” activity on Sept. 19, where staff hosted trivia questions about teen violence for students and offered prizes for the winning classrooms. Students later celebrated one another’s positive traits by pouring colored sand, with different colors representing different traits, into each student’s self-decorated plastic ornament.

Y2Y Ambassadors created a bulletin board filled with positive message sticky notes on Sept. 20. Students then selected notes to give to other students. The event was repeated on Sept. 22, when students chose notes to give to staff, and staff chose notes to give to students.

A follow-up activity, “Paper People,” involved staff giving students a paper chain of cutout people. Students would draw themselves on the front of the first paper person on the chain and then write an instance where they made a bad choice on the back. They would assign bad choices to more paper people on the chain to demonstrate the chain reaction until they reached the end of the chain. The activity demonstrated to students that their actions go further than just themselves.

About 40 students conducted a Peace Walk in Goddard Park on Sept. 21 to raise awareness for anti-violence practices. They brought along Y2Y posters the Center had spent the last few weeks making. The students who remained on Center participated in filming a Y2Y video featuring the Running Man dance.

ex_y2ytalentshowThe Center hosted a balloon activity on Sept. 22, where students wrote down four emotions that they do not usually let people see and placed them inside four balloons. They wrote emotions that they let people see on the outside of these balloons. Once all balloons were finished threw them into a pile and selected balloons that were not theirs to pop and read the inside message out loud.

The students were later joined by students from the Shriver, Grafton and New Hampshire Job Corps Centers for a Y2Y Talent Show.

For a final activity on Sept. 23, “Rip Me Apart,” students wrote the worst name they ever called a fellow students on paper person cutout. They then had to rip the cutout apart and attempt to tape the person back together. The activity showed students that when they say negative things to another person, apologize will not necessarily make that person the same as they were before.