at_peacedoorThe Atterbury Job Corps Center’s 2016 Youth 2 Youth Week featured a host of events from a door-decorating contest, a bench-building contest, discussions on anti-violence, open mic night and a peace party.

The week started out with a “Peace Door Challenge” that was held in our Academics, Career Preparation Period, and Career Transition Readiness departments. Students and teachers were challenged to decorate their doors to symbolize peace. Trade Departments were challenged as well, with each trade responsible for building a “Peace Bench” that would be easily recognizable as a sign of peace. Students were well-prepared for these Y2Y Week since activities they had spent August participating in “Drop Everything and Read” in which they  were provided with non-violence related literature during the training day. “Drop Everything and Read” was also brought back for the duration of Y2Y Week.

Kicking off the week’s evening events was a Y2Y Ambassador-led dorm activity. The Y2Y Ambassadors educated our five dorms on the statistics of gun violence across America within the past year and how this systemic issue is increasing daily. The student body reported a positive experience with this stating, “When you put in into numbers, it shows you how big the problem is.”

Students also engaged in a “I Appreciate You” group activity that encourage them to tell another student at least one thing they appreciate about them. Atterbury is proud of the student body for engaging in this activity in a meaningful way.

Open Mic Night was the second of the week’s agenda.  Students came to the Center’s newly renovated music room to present their own composed poetry and music and help expose the violence they are aware of in their local communities. It was not a mandatory event, but the students who participated had some very personal art to share.

On Wednesday, the students met in the theater for the “Teen Summit,” which was held in conjunction with our Transition Department.  Students voiced their opinions on what they feel that is right or wrong about the Center.

They were then challenged with the “30 Day H.O.P.E. Project.” H.O.P.E. is an acronym for “Helping Others Purposefully Evolve” and helps young adults better prepare for life through promoting a better way of thinking. For the next 30 days, the Transitions Manager will send out a daily challenge. The winner will be decided by whoever completed the most challenges.

Thursday night was the “White and Gold Peace Party,” hosted by the Center Standards and Incentives Office and Social Development Departments. DJ Reginald Porter, Finance & Administration Director, donated his time on the turntables to take the Peace Party to the next level. Finger food, music and dance and togetherness were the theme of the day.

Friday evening concluded the week’s events. Students participated in a  “Movie Night On the Lawn”. Participants watched the film “Yes Man” to start the night with positive vibes. More 120 students participated in that event and made it an AWESOME GRAND FINALE!

A big shout to each and every staff that supported the students’ learning and participation in these events. Violence is a very real part of the students’ background. Atterbury wants to keep supporting their growth and knowledge in these areas to help break the cycles of violence in their communities.