dv_americorpsThe seasons are changing and so are the plans for students at Delaware Valley Job Corps Center. One of the missions of Job Corps is to push students to their limits when it comes to learning. For recent graduates Jasmine Palermo (OA & Culinary Arts), Miana Addision (Security & Facilities Maintenance) and Kadeem Jn’ Jaques (Material Handling & Security grad), their learning didn’t end with Job Corps; it only began.

These students enrolled into the AmeriCorps program and couldn’t be happier. Jasmine can be seen with fellow AmeriCorps participants (3rd in the front row) in the left picture.

“It’s a great program because it teaches you more about how to work as a team and with your teammates as a whole,” Miana said.

AmeriCorps members serve 10 months in a fun, challenging team-oriented environment located in beautiful Sacramento, Calif. They are trained in numerous skills such as CPR, first aid, public safety and many others before they get to the real fun — the service projects!

AmeriCorps gives students the amazing opportunity to partner up with different communities and address their needs. Students gain a sense of importance and the satisfaction of knowing they are doing something valuable with their time.

“I do recommend that more people get involved with this program. It’s a nice way to give back to yours and other communities,” Miana said.