sl_habitatpepsicoOne of PepsiCo’s Corporate Build Day teams reached out to the St. Louis Job Corps Center for help with the team’s first Habitat for Humanity community project.

Carpentry Instructor Mike Moore took six of his students (Antoine Simmons , Denzel Noel , Devin Clark , Elijah Altheimer, Kayla Maney, and Shurod Watson) to volunteer at a local community site. When they arrived early in the morning, they expected to be working on only one location. To their surprise, Habitat had arranged three sites for them that day.

The students soon jumped into action and started assisting the PepsiCo team, forging a partnership that was productive and quick. Throughout the task, strong bonds of cooperation were established.

PepsiCo wants to further expand this partnership to include forklift training, tours, mentoring, working together at its next Habitat for Humanity Building Event.