wl_staffertourThe Woodland Job Corps Center hosted a student-led tour of the Center for Matthew Spikes, Congressional Staffer to U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, and two Ft. Meade High School Counselors, Donna Schneider and Dawn Collins.

Student Ambassador Parris Cheeves guided the group to visit trade classes, education classes and dorms. Trade students demonstrated their skills in facility maintenance, carpentry and in the classroom, while high school diploma classes discussed leadership, how to find success and job opportunities. Throughout the tour, the guests stopped to speak with students about their future plans after Job Corps.

Some students engaged Mr. Spikes in a discussion about jobs and his career choices. Mr. Spikes emphasized the importance of leadership and overcoming obstacles as a part of life.

“Stay focused and do what it is you are passionate about,” Mr. Spikes told students. “Money will come secondary. It doesn’t bring success.”

Woodland looks forward to hosting more tours where guests can get a first-hand experience of the Center’s daily operations. The Center is always seeking new community partners to assist with resources and student recruitment.