EX_churchmlkThe Exeter Job Corps Center Student Government Associated attended a Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration on Jan. 12 at the Calvary Baptist Church in Providence, RI .

As students arrived, they were given a pamphlet that listed Dr. King’s message to the world about peace and equal rights for all. The celebration was very inspiring as students heard various speeches from peace leaders and civil rights activist about the practice of non-violence. They focused on the six principles of non-violence and the ideals of a healthy society such as justice, equal opportunity and love for humanity.

The Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra performed throughout the presentation, which was an additional surprise during the visit.

At the end, students were all asked to write what they will do personally to spread Dr.  King Jr.’s message to the masses both in their personal lives and on Center.


Students who attended included Mayra Herbermann, Zoe Godwin, Alicia Dlugoinski, Tyler Brown, Jacob Mitchell, Marlon Sanchez, Katlyn Faria, and Marcos Diaz.