EX_johnnycakemlkSix Student Government Association members from the Exeter Job Corps Center traveled to the Johnnycake Center of Westerly, RI to organize and clean the store.

The students focused on tidying up the store front, stocking shelves and helped clean the storage area, which was filled with leftover holiday supplies.

Similar to Goodwill stores, the Johnnycake Center takes donations from all across Rhode Island and re-sells goods to the community at a huge discount. These items include furniture, appliances, books, clothes, children toys and holiday decorations. Proceeds from these sales go directly to help support the Westerly Food Bank, which is attached to the same building. Low income families are able to get a weeks’ worth of healthy groceries thanks to the wonderful donations of goods from the community.

The Johnnycake Center has been a wonderful partner to Exeter over the last two years, and they always look forward to having students  lend a hand. Exeter is proud to continue to give student time to this fantastic cause and to support the local community.