AT_crcmarch2017Atterbury Job Corps Center’s Culinary Arts students served a packed Community Relations Council on March 23.

The students catered for the 33 guests at the meeting, which is designed as an ongoing effort to allow the Center and its surrounding communities to work together and establish mutually beneficial short and long-term initiatives that foster open communication and exchange. Attendees included representatives from community organizations and elected offices, as well as individuals representing The Department of Workforce Development and Work One offices, Jobs for America Graduates, BC Works and businesses such as Sacoma, MA Metals, 3D Parts LLC and Indiana University/Purdue University at Columbus.

Center officials discussed Adult Education credential attainment, non-residential enrollment, co-enrollment programs, female recruitment and Atterbury’s State CNA Apprenticeship Internship with Johnson Memorial Hospital.

This meeting was a testament to Atterbury’s active community engagement, but it would be meaningless if not for the dedication and drive of students to acquire the skills and training to improve their lives and put their best foot forward in the communities we serve. They continue to meet Atterbury’s high expectations, and in turn, take the Job Corps program and profile higher in the community.