The New Hampshire Job Corps Center entertained a very special guest on March 24 — U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen.

Certified Medical Assistant student Ivy Chalke and Culinary Arts student Ashley Marco greeted the Senator, along with Center Director Tamer Koheil, Deputy Center Director Candice Hyde, and Business and Community Liaison Director John Miller. Chalke and Marco lead Sen. Shaheen on a tour of the Center, expertly answering questions and providing key insights as only Center students can.

The first stop was to the Clinical Medical Assistant Trade (CMA), where Sen. Shaheen met the CMA Instructor Janice Coye and her students. Sen. Shaheen took the time to speak to each of the CMA students and had questions about the trade all of them. Chalke and Marco then led Sen. Shaheen to the Advanced Manufacturing Classroom, where she received an informative demonstration from students Evan Anctil, Kevin Murphy and the Advanced Manufacturing Instructor Kevin O’Connell. Senator Shaheen expressed special pride in student Catherine Boudreau’s participation in the program. She said she hopes that other female students would follow in Boudreau’s footsteps.

At the Culinary Arts Building, Chef Todd Zingales and his student had a surprise waiting — a batch of Russian Tea Cakes. These tea cakes were the same ones that New Hampshire students made last year for the Taste of New Hampshire Expo, which Sen. Shaheen hosts in Washington, DC. Chef Zingales also demonstrated how to make a Birds of Paradise garnish as well. Before she left Culinary Arts, Sen. Shaheen made Chef Zingales promise that the Center would participate in the Taste of New Hampshire again this year. She said the expo wouldn’t be the same with New Hampshire Job Corps.

The tour ended in our Recreation Building, where Sen. Shaheen addressed the female students and staff members about the importance of women being leaders in the work place and society. Sen. Shaheen was the first woman to be elected Governor of New Hampshire and was also the first woman to be elected both a Governor and United States Senator. The Senator had a candid conversation with our students and staff about the importance of female leadership and women empowerment.

Everyone at the New Hampshire Job Corps would like to express their sincere gratitude to Sen. Shaheen for visiting the Center and looks forward to hosting her again sometime.

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