WL_ambercolemanThe Woodland Job Corps Center’s Advanced Culinary were surprised to find a special guest attending a fellow student’s Sou Chef Luncheon at Anne Arundel Community College.

Center Director Veronica Johnson dropped in on the presentation by student Amber Coleman. Amber had themed her menu after the Caribbean island of Martinique. All Advanced Culinary students must design and cook a menu based off a foreign country of their choice as part of their curriculum.

Amber’s menu consisted of four courses and an appetizer that included French country bread served with whipped honey butter spread, Matoutou (traditional Martiniquais crab stew), zesty mango salad, grilled Red Snapper and Banana Tarte Tatin. She paired the meal with a PowerPoint presentation on Martinique, covering its culture, currency, export and imports and famous residents.

“I was delighted that I could make it out today to support our students and to enjoy the cuisine of the island, ” Ms. Johnson said afterward.

Woodland looks forward to supporting all of their students as they continue to move through the program.