St. Louis Receives Railcar Truck Base

SL_railcarThe St. Louis Job Corps Center has become the second Advanced Training program to feature a railcar truck for training purposes.

Three years of planning went into obtaining the railcar truck, which will be part of the Transportation Communications Union Carman program. Since the railcar arrived a […]

Keystone Students Participate in Smoke Detector Drive

KS_smokedetSeveral students from Keystone Job Corps Center participated in an American Red Cross Smoke Detector Drive in Freeland and Foster Tonwship, PA on March 25.

The Red Cross regularly conducts house-to-house visits within their community chapter area to to determine the effectiveness of their smoke detectors and review […]

Glenmont Nursing Student Heads for Advanced Training

GL_khrisbrownGlenmont Job Corps Center student Khristopher Brown is off to Advanced Human Service Worker training at the Grafton Job Corps Center.

Khristopher enrolled at Glenmont on Oct. 11 , with his high school diploma, and has worked to complete the Certified Nursing Assistant trade. He immediately earned […]

Treasure Island Students Play Princess

TI_princessprojectsThirty-nine lucky students from the Treasure Island Job Corps Center had the opportunity to participate in the Princess Project.

Supported by many local organizations, the Princess Project is a non-profit organization designed to provide dresses and accessories to those who otherwise would not be able to afford […]

Woodland Shovels Out Senior Citizens

WL_snowshovel (2)While “school was closed” for a winter storm last week, Woodland Job Corps Center students broke out their snow shovels for the community.

Five Facilities Maintenance students joined with local high school students to clear snow and ice from the sidewalk around the homes of senior […]

Exeter Students Honored by Rhode Island State House

EX_citations2A full month after sweeping the states’ National Restaurant Association’s Pro-Start Competition, the Exeter Job Corps Center’s winning Advanced Culinary Arts team was invited to the Rhode Island State House for a special recognition.

Shane Cha, Greg Stephens, Kyle Soltys, and Katherine Sencion-Camacho, along with their proud Advanced Culinary […]

Delaware Valley Student Donates Hair to Cancer Patients

DV_baldericsk1 Jazmin Mitzin prepares for her haircut.

DV_baldericks2 Jazmin Mitzin shows off her new shorn locks.

Jazmin Mitzin, a student with the Delaware Valley Job Corps Center, donated 19 inches of her hair as part of St. Baldericks Foundation […]

Joliet Students Attend Food Expo

JO_foodexpoThirteen Culinary Arts students from the Joliet Job Corps Center attended the GFS Food Expo on March 15 in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.

Many different types of food service vendors set up booths for guests to visit, where they displayed plates, dinner entrees, […]

Glenmont Celebrates Cultural Differences

GL_multiculturaldanceGlenmont Job Corps Center’s Career Preparation Period (CPP) and Counseling staff joined forces to celebrate Multicultural Awareness Day for CPP and Top 40 students.

The staff were selected to participate based on their different backgrounds and encouraged to come up with clever ways to represent their […]

Glenmont Student Names Center Library

GL_librarynameThe search for a  name for the Glenmont Job Corps Center library is finally at an end.

The library will now be christened after the late President Abraham Lincoln thanks to a compelling essay from student Isiah Rivera. Rivera submitted his essay as part of the Center’s […]