AT_lanterns911Atterbury Job Corps Center held a special remembrance ceremony for the lives lost on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Center had visitors from the military, local fire departments, and Johnson County Sheriff’s department. Camp Atterbury was kind enough to send over 20 active duty soldiers to attend, The town of Nineveh brought one of their Fire Engines, along with two firefighters, The town of Amity also brought one fire engine, along with 4 firefighters. Johnson County Sheriff’s Department sent out two officers in two of their police cruisers.

Students got to interact with all the visitors, climb into the trucks, speak to law enforcement, and greet and shake hands with the military. Sixty-three students joined the guests at a viewing of the documentary “9/11: As it happened.” Afterward, attendees discussed where they were when the towers fell. Students, staff, and visitors were encouraged to talk about their “Where I was when” story.

The presentation closed with a heartfelt message saying ‘Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. If this tragic event has taught us anything, let it be that we need to seize the opportunities given to us, tell those whom we love that we love them, and really think about how lucky we are to be here today.’

After the documentary, everyone went outside across the street to the empty area in front of the theater and held a Paper Lantern Ceremony. Four separate lanterns were lit, with one for the military, one for the fire departments, one for the police, and one for the 2,996 lives lost that day. A member of each group lit the lanterns as the students observed in silence. Student Government Association President Amani Stewart, accompanied by Vice President Darnell Boyd, lit the lantern in remembrance of the victims.

This is an event that Atterbury plans on turning into an annual event, building onto it each year to make it even more meaningful than the year before.