GR_y2ygraftonpdGrafton Job Corps Center students visited the Grafton State Police station, Millbury State Police station and Grafton Fire Department during Youth 2 Youth week to show their support for local law enforcement.

Shiloh Davison, John Machala, Zenita Quanin, and Vanessa Vincent visited the Grafton State Police Station on Tuesday and on Wednesday visited the Millbury State Police Station and the Grafton Fire Department. Students expressed their appreciation of their continued support of Grafton Jobs Corps and brought each station gift baskets hand-prepared by students Tayla Boyd, Amaryllis Molina and Patrick Tineo.

Amaryllis said that making the baskets was her way of thanking the police and firefighters for putting their lives on the line to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Grafton Police station was pleasantly surprised by the basket The Millbury State Police station even gave the students a tour of the station including the holding cells, conference room and armored vehicle garage. Staff also explained the roles of some of the personnel.  Grafton Fire Department’s Assistant Chief Stephen Charest expressed his gratitude for the basket and gave the students a tour of Firehouse.

Vanessa said she was thrilled to see the expression on one of the lieutenant’s faces, while Shiloh said that he was grateful for the opportunity to show his gratitude to law enforcement and the fire department.