KI_y2y2017a Kittrell Job Corps Center conducted a number of activities to celebrate Youth 2 Youth 2017.

Events kicked off with a peace walk on Sept. 20. Kittrell Student Government Association and Y2Y Ambassadors led students in a walk around campus to promote National Bullying prevention. Participants gathered at the Memorial/Fire Pit and celebrated life, positivity and the daily lifestyle choice of peace.

Students also attended a Y2Y “Skate Don’t Hate” activity at the Henderson Skateeum. This fun, positive activity strengthened the students’ relationships, while delivering a message of anti-bullying and nonviolence.

On September 21, Y2Y Ambassadors participated in the United Nations Peace Day Walking Vigil at the Warren County Recreational Complex.. Participants included Davante Barnes, Darren Lee, Amani Mcmanus, Desirae Rhinesmith, NaDaijah Morris, Jonae Price and Dylan Williams.

Students ended their Y2Y celebration on Sept. 22 with a balloon release for students who have witnessed or fallen victim to violence. The balloon release promotes peace and youth safety awareness. It empowers students to become activists against violence and bullying around campus and in the community.