GL_mavisGL_durhamGlenmont Job Corps Center has partnered with Mavis Tire and Durham School Services to provide more training opportunities to its Auto Technology students.

Mavis Tire Regional Director Daniel Krauss and Regional Training Manager Mr. Bill Stevens came to Glenmont to interview 12 students for potential job placements.

Mr. Krauss explained, “It becomes harder and harder to find young people who want to be in the Auto Technology field.”

Before the interviews began, both gentlemen spoke to the class about the opportunities in the Auto Tech field and within Mavis Tire. Students then introduced themselves and stated where they were from. Mr. Krauss was happy to tell them that Mavis Tire had jobs in all of their hometowns, with the exception of the Virgin Islands. Students were excited as they waited, with resumes in hand, for the opportunity to be considered for employment.

Mr. Krauss said he is enthusiastic about the new partnership with Glenmont and the possibility of placing Glenmont students in full-time jobs. He said he will send each student an email documenting the interview today and hand the resumes over to Mavis Tire’s Corporate Human Resource Office. When students are ready for a job, they can contact the HR office and it will already have them on file, he said.

“It went well,” said one student. “They said they will be in touch with me!”

Glenmont has also developed a new Work-Based Learning (WBL) partnership with Durham School Services to provide diesel engine training.

Students Alexis Caren and Mario Dinoli said they are excited to learn about diesel engines while working on school buses. Both students hope to enroll in Advanced Training to become certified diesel mechanics.  The Auto Tech Instructor, Business & Community Liaison and WBL Coordinator all worked as a team to provide these students with a WBL tailored to their personal goals.