GR_alexisgonzalezGrafton Job Corps Center graduate Alexis Gonzalez is not afraid of hard work. Born and raised in Boston, MA, this 24-year-old completed the Electrical Wiring trade and entered into an apprenticeship with Wayne J. Griffin Electric Inc. at their national headquarters in Holliston, MA.

Alexis didn’t waste a moment of his time here. He was constantly honing his math skills, studying electrical theory and applying for positions to secure just the right Job Trade Match that he wanted. With his excellent skills and training, he immediately started receiving job offers from electrical companies. However, Alexis had his eye on the prize — a certified electrical apprenticeship at a reputable company.

“I didn’t want to work for just a paycheck; I wanted a career,” commented Alexis.

His patience and tenacity paid off when he scored a coveted electrical apprenticeship at the renowned Griffin Electric. They worked with him to find a job site just minutes from his house!

As an electrical apprentice, Alexis is earning wages and being trained for his dream job of Journeyman Electrician. This is both a job and educational experience with long-term value. His work ethic is paying off as he just received a $4/hour pay increase placing him in a salary above most of his peers.

Alexis gives this advice to recent Job Corps graduates, “The hard work doesn’t end at Job Corps. In fact, it is just beginning. In a real work experience, people don’t say please and thank you. They shout and demand efficiency and speed. You have to have thick-skin and be able to take criticism. It’s all part of the process, but it’s worth it.”