AT_tcupresentationThe students of Atterbury Job Corps Center were visited by the Regional Coordinator for the Transportation Communication Union (TCU) Advanced Training Program, Nicole Hickson.

Ms. Hickson brings over a decade of experience in the TCU program and even more within the transportation industry outside of Job Corps. The overarching purpose of her visit was to provide information to help students decide whether TCU is right for them. In a charismatic fashion, she took the opportunity to impart wisdom on TCU, Job Corps and life. Discussing her own employment history, she provided an authentic example by which a person can educate themselves and find success in a career. She discussed importance of being attentive to what is in front of you because you never know who is around and what opportunities they might represent.

She also screened a brief video showcasing the TCU program, its strengths, and its rigor. Interviews with students and staff highlighted the varying accounts of what TCU accomplishes. A student in the program simply stated that by enrolling she gave herself the chance to improve in every way. Another interview with a successful graduate and current train conductor glorified the incredible salary he earns because of the training he received through TCU.

After the video, Ms. Hickson discussed the specific requirements and expectations TCU is expecting from applicants. She explained the importance of the Student Conduct Profile and Case note Report. Students were urged that most Advanced Training programs seek out candidates who exhibit the ability to not only follow the rules but also show themselves to be responsible adults and eager learners. She reminded students that academic assessment scores are not to be ignored. Where there are academic assessment requirements for TCU and most other Advanced Trainings, the crucial nature of increasing one’s academic skills apply to program admission, as well as continued success throughout life.

Ms. Hickson concluded her presentation with the announcement of a reinvigorated partnership between Job Corps and IndyGo, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Bus System. IndyGo has been actively seeking qualified and motivated candidates to fill open positions and yet-to-be formed positions that will effectively double its workforce by quarter two of 2018. IndyGo has recently been awarded municipal funding to expand bus routes throughout the Indianapolis area, providing residents a farther reaching and highly effective resource in transportation services. They just need people to fill the positions to make it happen. This, explained Ms. Hickson, is where Job Corps/ TCU students come in. The deliberate training of a student in the TCU program can lead to direct employment careers with competitive pay opportunities and phenomenal benefits packages. She urged students, especially those in the Heavy Equipment and Electrical trades, to consider this conduit towards career success. She then took questions from students and staff.

TCU is one of the larger advanced training programs in Job Corps and is available through several centers across the country. It instructs and trains students to work in the transportation industry in a myriad of careers ranging from Airline Ticket Agent to Locomotive Conductor. The field is ever expanding and in constant need of skilled candidates to meet its demands.

Atterbury thanks Ms. Hickson for providing students with a wealth of information about the program.