KS_ccsKeystone Job Corps Center Material Handling students pitched in to help Hazleton Catholic Social Services (CSS) renovate its building to create a new residential shelter and transitional living facility.

In order for this project to start, space needed to be cleared in an already heavily utilized building. That is where Keystone students came to the rescue. Neil Oberto, Executive Director of CSS and a member of the Keystone Community Relations Committee, requested the Center to assist in making way for the contractors to begin construction.

Students assisted in moving existing offices from the current building into the CSS Family Center which is part of a former church. The project included erecting cubicle dividers so that offices could be formed in the existing open floor space. One by one, the offices were cleared out, and the new working space arranged so the CSS employees and volunteers could continue to maintain the operations of the organization. There are many who rely on CSS so the work of the students was necessary to ensure the services did not miss a step.

The students quickly recognized the good they were helping to do. Student Zambia Tisdale was very touched by the work they were performing. She said, “It makes me feel good that I am helping others who are in need of help. That is what it is all about. It is fantastic what we and CSS are doing here.”

During the move, Mr. Oberto took time out of directing the operation to reflect on the assistance of the Keystone students. “It is very humbling to see these students and [Instructor] Bart [Brooks] working behind the scenes to make this happen. They have been a valuable part of this transition and all of us at CSS are very grateful.”