SL_calaveraOnce again the St. Louis Job Corps Center students assisted with Día de los Muertos.

The students took the 8-foot calavera, an artistic depiction of a skull, that they completed as a community art project last year and put it out front St. Louis History Museum. The event’s organizers requested the calavera to welcome the community to the event. The calavera is made of over 3,000 wooden pegs each with the name of someone who the community wanted to remember.

Hundreds of local residents took their picture next to the calavera. Students Rebecca Wren, Holly McAvoy , and Jesus Belmontez Jr. assisted at the event and talked to people about their career training programs at the St. Louis Job Corps. The students said they believe that the best way to honor the dead is to make the most of your life and what you can achieve.