GL_tonkospeech Glenmont Job Corps Center students enrolled in the Advanced Training Solar program The conference focused on new technologies, policies and regulations in solar energy.

Joanne Coons, the students’ instructor at Hudson Valley Community College and leader of the Capital Region section of the NYSES, helped arrange for Glenmont to be a part of this special event.

Among the speakers was U.S. Representative Paul David Tonko. Rep. Tonko spoke strongly on policy and the importance of renewable energy and how the future of the world depends on it. Prior to his speech, Rep. Tonko took the time to meet with the students and discuss how important their contribution is to the industry. He commended them on being a part of Job Corps.

Other guest speakers educated the crowd about flexible safe storage, community solar farms, networking, and most importantly, the many careers offered in the solar industry. Students were engaged with the speakers, asking questions, and bringing up important topics of discussion. They made some great connections with others in the industry which may benefit them upon their departure from Job Corps.