Advanced Culinary students with Kelly M. Schulz, Maryland Secretary for the Dept. of Labor, Licensing and Regulations.

Woodland Job Corps Center Director Norman Turner presented before the Maryland Governor’s Workforce Development Board (GWDB) this week, amid a team of intrepid Woodland caterers.

Mr. Turner talked to the board about education gains, trade credentials, apprenticeship opportunities, job training matches, and getting out the word to people who might be interested in Job Corps.

“This was a big deal today for Mr. Turner to present before the GWDB as this board is the Governor of Maryland’s chief policy-making body for workforce development. How lucky are we to have them all in one room on one day to get our message across. We are training the best and the brightest and we want to covey that message to the board today,” stated Business & Community Liaison Jobina Brown.

Mr. Turner made sure to bring along the Advanced Culinary Students and their Instructor Chef Cassandra Richardson to cater and showcase their talents after the meeting. The students were thrilled to take a picture with Kelly M. Schulz, Maryland Secretary for Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations, along with President of Anne Arundel Community College Dawn Lindsey. Advanced Culinary students train at the college.

Woodland not only won the crowd over with Mr. Turner’s presentation but each member of the board received a personalized Woodland Warrior bag with a Woodland t-shirt and Woodland lanyard, along with additional Woodland marketing materials.

And Woodland isn’t done just yet with the GWDB! In the New Year, the center will host a massive Center tour for all members and plans to work with the governor’s staff to invite the governor as well.

“Today is what it is all about folks! Exposure, partnerships, and opportunities for my students. After the tour, our next goal will be to get on the governor’s subcommittees, as well as a seat at the [table]. Based on our meeting tonight, we are well on our way,” Mr. Turner said.

The GWDB is a business-led board of 53 members. In addition to business representatives, other members include the governor, cabinet secretaries, college presidents, the state superintendent of schools, elected officials, labor, and representatives of nonprofit organizations.