Exeter Learns from European Hunting Chef

EX_gamechefExeter Job Corps Center’s Advanced Culinary Arts students were game for the venison preparation challenge offered at Hotel Viking’s “Field and Forage” event.

European hunting chef Mike Robinson demonstrated tips for breaking down venison and allowed students to try their hands at cutting the rear shank, hindquarter, […]

Glenmont Students Takes Dance From Street to Studio

GL_danceGlenmont Job Corps Center’s Student Government Association Sargent at Arms Courtney McCullough has started a Dance Club!

The Dance Club will meet three times a week and is open to all students on Fridays, Saturdays, and Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in the Recreation Center.

Courtney learned to street dance […]

Kittrell Supports American Cancer Society

KI_acsThe Vance County Relay for Life team was delighted to have Kittrell Job Corps Center students to assist with its fundraiser held on April 9.

The fundraiser took place at the 220 Seafood Restaurant. Students Jessica Covington, Davisa King, Britanie Walker, Carrina Moore and Sabina Young prepared […]

District Judge Swears In Keystone Student Government

KS_sgawearLuzerne County District Magistrate Daniel O’Donnell helped swear in the newest members of Keystone Job Corps Center’s Student Government Association.

Magistrate O’Donnell discussed the utilization of the students’ role as leaders and then administered their Oath of Office.

Prior to the Oath, Center Director Kelly King delivered some remarks […]

CNA Student Finds Success in Grafton HSW

GR_ethangottleibEthan Gottlieb is an Advanced Human Service Worker student at Grafton Job Corps Center. He recently shared some words on his experience.

“I completed [Certified Nursing Assistant] at Westover Job Corps and came to Grafton for the Human Service Worker (HSW) advanced trade. When volunteering for non-profits, […]

Treasure Island Student Finds Success in VA Internship

TI_danielkingLess than a month after he kicked off Treasure Island Job Corps Center’s partnership with San Francisco Veterans Affairs, student Daniel King has been moved from his initial position to an LVN support position and a job offer upon successful completion of his internship.

Daniel was one […]

Keystone Spotlights Culinary Arts

KS_culinaryKeystone Job Corps Center’s Culinary students are doing much more than learning how to cook food. They are being trained for the far-reaching demands of today’s food preparation business.

Students learn to manage meals, plan and organize catered events and adapt to the intense environment of food service. […]

Glenmont Welcomes New Advanced Solar Training Students

GL_atescapeIn welcoming the new Advanced Training Solar PV students to Glenmont Job Corps, staff members led a student tour throughout the Capital Region to acquaint everyone with their new surroundings.

Students started the day with a trip to their new study grounds, Hudson Valley Community College. While there, […]

SUNY, Glenmont Continue Think Tank Partnership

GL_thinktankTwenty Glenmont Job Corps Center students began their 6-week Think Tank program with State University of New York Albany on March 26.

The students will attend class once a week from 5:15-7:17 pm for the duration of the program. Classes will be held in the university’s Multimedia Room. […]

Kittrell CNA Student Passes State Certification

KI_charlessilvaKittrell Job Corps Center student Charles Silva passed his State Nursing Assistant Certification on March 3.

“I’m so happy to reach this milestone. I’m currently enrolled in the Vance Granville Community College four week Phlebotomy Program. After completing the Phlebotomy Program I’m eligible for employment in a […]