KS_tasteof2018When you hit the ball out of the park on your first time to the plate it is difficult to surpass that fete the next time up. However the Keystone Job Corps Center Culinary students  did just that, with another home run entry at the Annual Tastes of Greater Hazleton, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.

Last year, the Center’s entry was the Keystone Shooter, which consisted of meatballs served up in baked Parmesan cheese cup. It was a show stopper. So this year the challenge was to do it again and they definitely did. The entry was a season appropriate Butter Squash Soup and a dessert of Apple Crisp. The over 250 attendees were impressed with the entries and raved about their taste. They were just as impressed by the students’ presentation, which enhanced the sample of great dishes.

Local television newscaster Gary Perna and his wife, Whitney, sampled the Keystone offerings and came away very impressed. Gary said of the soup, “It was perfect. Just the correct amount of flavor and texture. You can tell it was well prepared.” Whitney said of the apple crisp, “It was a great fall treat and it was a sweet way to finish off the day. The students really did a fine job.”

Culinary student Randy Nesbitt was one of the servers for the event. He said of his experience, “This was a challenging project but one which helped prepare me for the work world. Everything had to be right and it was. Just goes to show that if you work on the details the end results will be want you want.”

Two years, two show stoppers. The bar has been raised to do it again next year. No pressure!