KS_sgaThe Keystone Job Corps Center recently hosted the Autumn 2018 Student Leadership installation ceremony for the newly elected student officers.

The program began with Student Government Association (SGA) President Angel Suriel Alvarez leading the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Center Director Kelly King  congratulated the newly elected SGA and dormitory officers and offered remarks on leadership. Her address focused on the how if service is beneath you, leadership is above you. This theme emphasized how important it is to serve the electorate or, in this case, the student body. SGA students have the obligation of fulfilling the responsibility entrusted to them by their fellow students.

District Magistrate Daniel O’Donnell provided a message to the students on the need to be positive as they approach their duties as leaders. Being positive establishes a norm that transforms the Center into one that approaches every challenge with the sense that it can always be surmounted. The District Magistrate administered the oath of office to all the incoming Keystone leaders.

Social Development Director Michelle Runkle and Peer Leadership Coordinator Everett Upton shared their messages of encouragement and support to the officers. After the ceremony, District Magistrate O’Donnell joined the students for discussion and made himself available for photos.

This ceremony is held every six months and conducted after the Center-wide elections. Students can compete in the election if they meet criteria established by the Student Government Association and Center Administration. This includes maintaining a satisfactory behavioral record and adhering to Job Corps requirements.