KS_flag2Over the past few months the Keystone Job Corps Painting Trade, mentored by International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Instructor Barry Williams, created a portrayal of the U.S. flag on a wall in the Cafeteria.

It has become the eye catching center piece of the dining room and is visible to all upon their departure from the building.

Dave Peppi, Food Services Manager, is very pleased with the painting and described its message, “It describes patriotism and reinforces the memory of the sacrifices made for this country. For the students it provides them with the reminder of the investment the country is making in their training and education.”

Instructor Barry Williams described how the project was not only an effort to provide a fitting tribute but also a valuable work related assignment. He said of the project, “The symbolism is by far the most important part of this job. However it utilized many training skills with straight line designs, integrating the star pattern, and most importantly the trade math involved in the set up.” He added, “Its value in the training of our students was very high.”

The students were just as proud of the finished product. Zarian Spriggs of West Chester, PA, spoke for all of them when he said, “This project made us all cooperate and would not have been as beautiful as it is if we didn’t work as a team.” He concluded, “I really feel it shows the respect for the veterans of this country and that is what we wanted to show.”