KS_groundhog4The Keystone Job Corps Center drew on the support of multiple community partners for its annual Groundhog Job Shadow Day experience.

The shadowing events started with a visit Scranton Regional Office of U.S. Representative Matt Cartwright. Students Taj-Shaneek Cuttino, Haroline Fernendez Cruz, and Telecia Williams observed the Congressman’s staff answering phones, addressing emails, and conversing with constituents. The students remarked on the impressive efficiency of the office.

Office Assistant student Telecia Williams, said of the experience, “It was very interesting to observe the staff provide assistance to the people of the district. They were very passionate and displayed genuine concern.” She added, “The time they gave us and how they allowed us to participate in their day was a truly great experience.”

Security students visited the Hazleton City Fire Department and Conyngham Borough Police Department to observe how they serve the public. Chief Donald Leshko and the “D” Platoon were the mentors at the Fire Department.

“We thoroughly enjoyed their visit to us. HFD is proud to partner with Keystone on this project and will continue our commitment to assisting the students at the Center,” said Chief Leshko.

Bill Parise, CEO of Builders Direct, has sponsored a job shadowing experience for members of the Construction trades for years. This year the Facilities Maintenance trade made the trip to explore the wide range of building materials that are offered and shadow the staff as they performed their work responsibilities. These experiences provide exposure on kitchen, bathroom, and flooring materials and technologies used in the industry and introduces students to common sales techniques.

Another Keystone shadowing tradition is that of students shadowing the Center Management Team and other staff. Students were paired with staff from Center Director Kelly King to the Maintenance team to learn firsthand what it takes to keep Keystone operating. The Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board shadowed the Center Directors and Managers to gain an understanding of how staff perform their job responsibilities.

SGA Treasurer Colin Jennings shadowed the Finance and Administration Director. After the first hour he was already getting a feel of the hectic pace she keeps during the day.

He said, “We have already been at Records, Finance, Purchasing, and Property and we are only half was through visiting her departments. It is a lot to do.” Colin added, “After we are complete with the departments, we are going to an interview and then a meeting on Pre-90 day retention. It is really quite the amount of work.”

To close out the week, the Nursing Assistant students helped students and staff know their blood pressure numbers. They roamed the Center to provide blood pressure screenings to anyone interested. This provides the students the ability to practice taking blood pressures while giving those who come forward a useful check on their numbers.

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