TI_genslerSix Treasure Island Job Corps Center Office Administration students visited one of the nation’s premier architectural and design firms to learn about jobs in their fields.

Gensler is located in downtown San Francisco and recently hosted an “Inspiration Day” for youth. Students attended presentations about architecture and the different kinds of work Gensler does for its clients. They tried on virtual reality headsets to see how Gensler laid out the room for its clients.

“Going to Gensler showed me there are many opportunities in life, and that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it,” said student Katelynn Bishop.

Student Trent Anderson appreciated how Gensler staff explained everything in layperson terms. “All in all, I believe this field trip sparked a creative interest in some who did not know it was there beforehand.”

Student Melissa Ramirez commented on Gensler’s pleasant work space and kind staff. She said the office was designed so that employees could move around to collaborate.

“My favorite presentation was about how virtual reality will soon be a part of how they communicate to their clients and other departments around the world,” she said. She shared some advice HR Manager Michael Bodziner gave her, “Don’t let fear make up your decisions.”