TI_damonpetersTreasure Island Job Corps student Damon Peters recently shared his experiences with Job Corps and his internship.

“During my time in class, I learned many skills in the lab such as proper sharps disposal, sterile field preparation and proper blood drawing. I was able to practice these skills on a weekly basis with my instructor to help polish my technique in the field. In class, I learned many medical terms. For example, a sphygmomanometer is a blood pressure cuff used to measure a patient’s blood pressure while taking vitals.

We, as a class, learn to come together more as a family than just a class, always pushing for the better because we can’t be perfect. But we can learn from our mistakes and better ourselves. We are taught to be go-getters and not expect things to happen without effort and hard work.

Over the last month, I was at my internship at Lifeline Treatment Services. I received hands-on experience in the field working with patients. While there, I practiced taking vitals and finger pricking. I learned new skills in the front office, checking in patients and filing charts while staying within proper HIPAA standards.

I am grateful to have had this experience and thankful to my wonderful instructor, classmates and the coworkers at Lifeline.”