NH_crcmarch19New Hampshire Job Corps Center hosted its Spring Community Relations Council in its White Birch Cafe.

The theme of the event was centered upon planting seed to grow and harvest success initiatives and community partnerships. Each table was decorated with small floral planters filled with potting soil, individual packets of seeds and miniature watering cans to represent the “community garden.” The idea was that everyone was responsible to tend this community garden within their individual roles and help the community to thrive and the students to bloom.

Special guest speakers, Certified Medical Assistant student Taylor Salem Clement and Elliot Health System Environmental Services Director Jeffrey Demers, gave powerful testament to the success of community collaboration. They highlighted benefits from both their perspectives. Staff members from the offices of U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and U.S. Representative Chris Pappas also attended, as they enjoyed yet another culinary masterpiece prepared and served by Culinary Arts and Hospitality students.

Taylor hosted a tour for the guests and won attention with her answer to the popular question: “How does our garden grow?” Her response was “by working together.”

She was later asked to submit her resume to Demers and Rep. Pappas for potential internship roles.