AT_mexicanstoreAtterbury Job Corps Center Culinary students visited Saraga International Grocery & Guanajuato’s Mexican Store shopping for a Cinco de Mayo menu

Students, Olivia Richard, Thomias Davis, Sebastian Robinson, Ashara Owens, Adrion Roberts, and Kenneth Murff explored and discovered specialty items for all sorts ethnic foods not seen in average grocery stores, as well as some common local ingredients. The plethora of food options ranged from jackfruit, fresh seafood, a varieties of rice, ramen noodles, herbs & spice, Aloe Vera, soursop, mangoes, avocados (almost as large as someone’s head), duck, pigs, cattle’s (heads, livers, gizzards feet, stomach, tongues) sodas, juices, candies, snacks and much, much more.

The students participated in a scavenger hunt while at the store. They sampled various items and expressed their opinions about what they thought about what they tried. They were amazed how other cultures make use of all of the parts of animals, especially parts that most people discard of on a daily basis. The students said they enjoyed and appreciated their off-Center learning experience.