GA_bretmichaelsForty-five Gary Job Corps Center Security cadets proved they were Something to Believe In over the three-day Go Wheels Up Festival at San Marcos Regional Airport.

Students assisted with traffic and crowd control, front gate searches (including bag and personal searches), VIP & backstage details, patrols and static posts for the car show. Their work soon brought them face to face with hair band legend and former Poison lead singer, Bret Michaels, who even invited some of them on stage while performing a song. The singer was kind enough to also take several pictures with the students.

Among the students’ special security details throughout the festival were patrolling the Commemorative Air Force Hangar (with planes from World War II), ensuring no spectators were near the area during the air show and providing front stage barricades and perimeter patrols. Throughout the event, students learned how to read surveillance maps, discuss egress for emergency evaluation and complete after-action reports.

They certainly got to put all that additional training into practice. On Friday night, they had to help exit patrons after severe weather canceled the event for the evening. On Saturday, they managed a crowd of 7,000 people. Clayton Corn, Event Coordinator, said he was very impressed by the professionalism that was shown by the security cadets, and as activities are arranged in the future, Gary will be the go to group to help handle the crowd and traffic control.

“The group from Gary Job Corp came through big time for us. They added an invaluable aspect to the event not only with security, but with just their presence in the field,” Mr. Corn said.

Gary students also shared their thoughts on the experience.

Francisco Palos was assigned to backstage and front stage VIP detail. “My staff had to make sure that only people with the proper badges were allowed in those areas. We also did crowd control at the front of the stage to make sure no one was injured and everyone was safe,” he said. “It was an honor to meet Mr. Bret Michaels. He spoke to us like he knew us forever. He was so humble and did not hesitate to sign autographs and take pictures with the students, and wished us all a great summer.”

“I watched over the V.I.P. section to make sure everyone was authorized to be there. I had to make sure the proper badges were being used. Meeting Bret Michaels was a fun experience, and I had a great time and would love the opportunity to do another detail,” said Zachery Spivey.

Ryan Greenwood was on car show detail. “I had to watch the vehicles to make to no one touched them or came near them with food or drinks. Meeting Bret Michaels was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and I had a good experience.”