DV_cemeteryDelaware Valley Job Corps Center partnered with Honesdale Home Depot and Rent-E-Quip to help restore the Glen Dyberry Cemetery in Honesdale, PA.

In 2018, the cemetery was hit hard by storms that ripped through parts of Honesdale. The severe weather left a path of destruction, knocking down trees and toppling tombstones. The cemetery lacked the resources to aid in repair of its grounds so Delaware Valley decided to build a partnership withe Home Depot and Rent-E-Quip to help mend this destruction.

Facility Maintenance and Carpentry trades, as well as a Maintenance Tech and the HR Manager, collaborated on how to best tackle this major restoration. On May 8th, they met at the cemetery to cut down dangerous trees and fix roadways for people to come in and see their family members. Students aided in raking out areas and pathways, as well as uncovering tombstones that were buried. The students collaborated on how to erect two large headstones, one which weighed 7000 pounds, since they could not use heavy equipment because of the damage it would do to the stones.  They figured out a way to roll them upright, using sticks of wood. It was an amazing feet of working together as a unit and using critical thinking.

The students were greeted by a Navy veteran that has also been doing his best to upkeep the cemetery. He gave them praise and invited them back for Memorial Day flag placing. A few families came down to greet the students and thank them for all their hard work and shared their stories of their family members with the students. This gave the students a better understanding of the hard work they had done and how this impacted the community.