DV_roastdinnerThe North Branch Volunteer Fire Department issued a special thank you letter to the Delaware Valley Job Corps Center for helping with its 77th Annual Roast Beef Dinner.

Students Saraetta Parker, John Fuller, Haleemah Carter and Lanora Elliott assisted with setting and waiting on tables and cleaning the tables off when guests left. They also helped in the kitchen, washing dishes, filling drink pitchers and preparing the carts with plates, silverware and napkins to be wheeled out to the tables. Students earned six hours of community service credits for their efforts.

“The members of the Fire Department are very appreciative of the professional manner that these students worked. They were very respectful, courteous and cheerful during the entire evening,” wrote Larry Knack, Secretary of the North Branch Volunteer Fire Department, and Jack Brockner, Chairman of the Dinner Committee.

Both men encouraged Delaware Valley to volunteer at the fire department’s next fundraiser, if students were available. They emphasized that they have been working with Delaware Valley for many years and find them to be “ladies and gentlemen of the finest caliber.”