GL_frat3The Glenmont Job Corps Center Medical Administrative Assistant students provided customer service for the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 87th Anniversary Eastern Region Convention.

Students volunteered for three days at the Hilton Hotel downtown Albany from 7:45am to 5pm, assisting with registering and processing 1,600 guests while marketing Job Corps to the community. The students received numerous contacts from different people in different professions.

“Never have I ever seen so many important people in one room who made a huge impact for themselves and for the black community. Important strong men of all ages and all professions from doctors to surgeons to counselors and even fashion designers. It was an amazing experience to witness and I could never be more grateful to have met so many men and have got-ten the chance to share a couple of words with a couple individuals, said student Ariel Rosado.

Dashaun Daniels said, “[During] my time there, I met this one guy Mr. Gregg Bishop that told me about the fraternity, saying that everyone helps each other by sticking together. Mr. Bishop also said it’s like networking in a brotherhood and a brother will not go without a job. I learned that the frat started in 1906 and the symbol for the frat is the Great Sphinx of Giza.”

“It was shocking to me to find out that some of the members were the product of Job Corps and now they have established similar programs to educate the young black men and women. I met a man name Anthony T. Walker who works and lives out of Washington D.C and has his own mentoring program called The Alpha Scholar’s. Their history goes back to 1906, demonstrating years of brotherhood. It was truly an honor and a privilege to have spoken with some of the most educated black men in the world. Alpha Phi Alpha promotes and develops leaders and academic excellence,” said Jacob Norfleet.

These students were truly inspired by being a part of this event and honored to support such an organization!