DV_flagsEighteen Delaware Valley Job Corps Center students returned to Dyberry Cemetery in Honesdale, PA to place 315 American flags on veteran’s tombstones dating back to the Civil War era.

The students recently assisted the cemetery in erecting several tombstones that had been knocked over in last year’s storms. This time, students helped prepare the cemetery for Memorial Day. They met with a Navy veteran, “Rocky,” who spoke about his time in the service, including 4 years at sea. He joked that to this date he still has no desire to go to the beach.

Rocky taught the students about how to dispose old flags left in the cemetery from previous holidays. Retired flags are typically burned as a way to show respect. Rocky also showed students how to recognize the different medals on the flag holders, representing the person’s branch of service and time period. Afterward, students helped raise four more overturned tombstones.

The students said they looked forward to conducting future cleanups and restoration efforts with Rocky.