SL_homeTwenty St. Louis Job Corps Center Construction students partnered with East Side Heart & Home to construct a 1,860 square-foot house for low income families.

Students have worked on the project from the ground up. Bricklayer students assisted with blocking off the foundation, while Carpentry students managed the sill plates, floor joists, subfloor, 8-foot walls and roof layout. Carpentry students also built porch beams and will later perform trim and molding.

East Side heard about the Center through the Center’s outreach efforts and approached the trade about the project. St. Louis felt it would be a great learning environment for the students.

“This has been great. It really let me know how serious a work site is and how hard carpenters work,” said student Uel Noland.

East Side Heart & Home is a nonprofit organization that assists people with housing, similar to the more known Habitat for Humanity.