GL_safetydayGlenmont Job Corps Center held its annual Safety Day event with the Selkirk Fire Department as its special guests.

The Selkirk Fire Department brought a firetruck and did a water demonstration for students. The volunteer members showed the students how to operate a fire hose and what type of tools and equipment is used by firefighters.

The Department later gushed about the visit on its Facebook page. “Events like this show our commitment through educating our community and encourage participation in volunteerism,” the Department wrote.

The event gave students an opportunity to have fun while learning about all about safety. Among other featured attendees were the New York State Troopers who provided a demonstration crash car so student could see the effects of driving while impaired. The Navy, Marines, and Army Military Forces also spoke with students at the event.

Glenmont thanks Safety & Security Manager Dante Parrish, along with Security & Protective Services Instructor Eric Garvansites, for coordinating this amazing event.