FG_daronhutsonFlint Genesee Job Corps Center graduate Daron “Military” Hutson entered Job Corps in January 2018 with the singular focus of earning enlistment in the U.S Army.

Daron enrolled in the Security trade while he earned his high school diploma. He had previous experience with Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, which was pivotal in providing proper form and function during his trade’s march and drill sessions. Daron’s passion for the Army led to his center known nickname, Military, and encouraged others to become interested in the Armed Forces.

In August 2018, Daron completed his first trade, Security and Protective Services, and continued onto the more advanced Homeland Security. Months later, Daron completed his High School Diploma. His final hurdle was the ASVAB test, which determines a person’s military-related skills sets and best military position.

After failing to score high enough on more than one occasion, Daron felt discouraged and began to doubt his ability to pass the test. Instead of allowing that to consume him, he refocused and began studying both during and after class. In late April, Daron took the ASVAB a final time. A week later he was informed that he passed and scored high enough to choose the Military Occupational Specialty of his choice, 11 X-ray (infantry).

Daron reached the rank of Sergeant Major in trade and has demonstrated quality leadership skills as a Fire Team leader. His passion for his career placement and for his trade has helped him successfully navigate the somewhat difficult times both here and at home.

It is with the utmost pride and honor that Flint announces that Daron will ship to Fort Benning, GA at the end of June in order to start his Army career.