GR_constitutionMemorial Day Weekend found Grafton Job Corps Center students on a tour of the oldest commissioned warship still afloat, the USS Constitution.

Between the massive rounds of artillery, the lively crew and re-enactments, the authentic living quarters, and the real-time working telegraph, the immersive experience became more than surreal for Xavier Colon, Nathanael Pacheco Ponte, Carlos Rondo Sanchez, Alfonso Hernandez Martinez and John O’Day. Upon stepping foot onto “Old Ironsides,” it felt as if they were catapulted through time into the ship’s heydays, with the salty harbor air filling their lungs and the sound of gulls and sea chanteys all around.

Park Ranger Richard Tourangeau discussed the duties of the ship’s crew, the components of the ship, how each part function, and what he has seen as his time as a park ranger. They also toured the Fletcher-class destroyer, Cassin Young.

The students said they all truly enjoyed the tour and learning about the USS Constitution’s history.