NH_chaseadgerNew Hampshire Job Corps graduate Chase Adger landed his dream job as a Clinical Medical Assistant at Hartford Healthcare and Medical Group.

Chase came to Job Corps in August 2018 and about eight months later he graduated, completing the Clinical Medical Assistant trade. He learned to show patience as he went through the job search process and was eager to share some tips for future graduates.

“I am blessed to have landed a spot as a Medical Assistant at Hartford Healthcare and Medical Group! I went to tons of interviews and got very good feedback but still wasn’t good enough compared to the other candidates that had years of experience. I lost hope but luckily I never stopped applying, and I continued to hold myself at a high standard.

So, my message to whomever is reading this is: stay true to yourself and fight for what you want. Success will never come easy and it will not happen overnight. Only you have the true power over what happens to you.”