TI_demarlintonTreasure Island Job Corps Center graduate Demar Linton is cooking up success with Mersea and The Pacific.

His Culinary journey started at Bronx Job Corps Center, where he studied basic culinary. Due to his outstanding performance in the kitchen and in the community, he was accepted into the Advanced Culinary program at Treasure Island. While training at Treasure Island, he immediately got a job. Demar maintained an exceptional standing on center, in the dorms, and in trade. With his personable character and great work ethic, he held various jobs while on center.

A notable position was when he began working at a new venue on Treasure Island called Mersea. He started out as a dishwasher, but after his manager recognized his culinary skills, Demar was quickly promoted to a grill cook. With his continuous employment history, Demar was able to transition from Job Corps into his own apartment in San Francisco.

He was then referred by a staff member for a full-time cook position at the prestigious venue called The Pacific. His mindset and core competencies are what makes him thrive. He states that “being relaxed under pressure” is the secret to his success.

Demar is currently still working two culinary jobs. He was promoted from cook to “Chef De Partie” at Mersea, making $23 an hour. He was also promoted to Cook III at The Pacific, making $27 an hour. In addition to his hourly pay at The Pacific, the venue staff share tips and all together Demar averages about $54 an hour.

Although Demar makes a sustainable amount of money, he states that “there’s no time to spend it”. Demar has saved thousands of dollars since he began his culinary journey. His five-year goal is to buy a building and open a fine dining venue. We wish him the best of luck!!