GL_navistarGlemont Job Corps Center Auto students visited the local HL Gage Navistar IH truck dealership to learn about the industry.

Students Ulysses Sanchez, Edwin Silbre Alvarez, Zaquan Younger, Anthony Rodriguez, Prima Nakornthab, Kyair Sylvester and Penelope Kline were led on a tour by Service Manager Ron Smith. The site is a major truck repair facility in the Albany area and is currently utilized as an internship partner. Current Glenmont intern Kody Wilber showed the visitors around the dealership and explained some of the tasks he has completed at the dealership. He showed students the tool kit he uses to perform specialized tasks on the vehicles.

While the students were visiting, Mr. Smith expressed interest in expanding the student base and agreed to start Prima and Anthony the following week. The group was excited at the opportunity. Mr. Smith has also shared the business’s desire to hire our students upon their completion of training, especially upon completion of Advanced Training for the truck industry.

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