KS_deandrechaseKeystone Job Corps Center graduate Deandre Chase is making $44 an hour through his new position with Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT).

When Deandre arrived at Keystone on August 8, he had goals, dreams, and aspirations. He worked diligently in the Plumbing Trade, learning all he could while developing into a model student of Job Corps. As time went on, he demonstrated a desire to achieve all he could and follow any path that would allow him to become successful.

One very eventful day in March, he was interviewed by a local road and heavy contracting firm in Northeastern Pennsylvania for an apprenticeship program through PennDOT. Deandre prepared for the interview by investigating the company and the work they performed on some of the major road projects in Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). He realized his appearance was going to be a major part of the presentation so he selected interview appropriate apparel and arrived at the session looking his best. When the questions came, he answered them calmly and confidently.

Due to his efforts, he was awarded the apprenticeship. After he completed the program, his employer rewarded his work with full time employment. He is currently gaining valuable experience operating construction equipment on a large PENN-DOT project.

Deandre recently spoke of his experience, “I started out in support of the other employees but I aggressively sought out other duties and asked questions all the time. I went from working on drainage to operating heavy equipment which is very large and powerful. I was nervous in the beginning but now I am very comfortable.”

Of his time with Keystone he said, “I am very grateful for all the training Keystone provided me. This was my last opportunity and I knew it, so I gave it my all. I put in a lot but got so much more.” He concluded, “I am so thankful for the job and the opportunity. I am living in Northeastern Pennsylvania and enjoy the area. The entire Keystone experience has been a life changer for me.”

The entire Keystone family congratulates Deandre and wishes him continued success and growth in his employment.