NH_alexbartholiNew Hampshire Job Corps Center graduate Alexander Bartholi graduated completed his Security trade and secured a full time job with Allied Universal.

Alex came to Job Corps in October and completed his trade in eight months. He worked hard to get the position he has, pushing through the ups and downs by turning to staff when he needed help.

He wanted to share a few words on his experiences with future graduates.

“My last day at Job Corps was bitter sweet, I made so many great friends. The staff is so nice- they actually care about you and will do anything for you if you give them the time and don’t mess around. I came out a better person.

The recreation staff are amazing people; they play ping pong with you or anything you want, they make everything better! I was blessed to be there for eight months. And I just want to say thank you to the Security teacher, Mr. Davis. The class helped me so much to be where I am. Mr. Davis never gave up on me even when I did. When I had nothing left in the tank he helped me the most, and I am glad the security people who work there really care about the students.

If anyone of my friends ever think about doing Job Corps, let me say it was honestly the most amazing thing I ever done in my life. Thank you all!”