EX_climbing EX_climbing2Climbing is a tug of war between the forces of gravity and friction or so Grafton Job Corps Center students learned during a trip to Central Rock Gym in Warwick, RI.

The group met on Center the first three weeks of June to perform the general fitness and academic portion of the class, and for the last week the class went off-center to put their knowledge and fitness to the test at Central Rock Gym.

As a part of Evening & Weekends Studies, every Tuesday the Office Administration Instructor and his climbing class meet to explore the different ways friction can be used to enable safe and efficient climbing. They took a look into the math behind forces acting on gear and the body. This allows students to practice not only applied academics but also fitness. Students assess their physical fitness and learn techniques to improve their climbing ability and training.

Climbing class include discussions on various climbing gear and how and why they are used, such as climbing shoes, harness, climbing rope, cams, belay devises, and top rope anchor. They also discuss different types of climbing: Bouldering, Top Rope/Belay, Lead/Spot, and Traditional. Last but not least the Climbing class looks at the individual fitness levels related to strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular.

The Instructor is excited to expand his class for the month of July! Climbing Class is just one of the unique classes offered to students for Evening and Weekend Studies.