NH_safetydayIn celebration of the NSC National Safety Month, the New Hampshire Safety and Security Department hosted a Center-wide Safety Day event.

Staff and students were treated to a variety of safety presentations and simulated safety experiences from local Community Safety & Emergency Response experts. A golf cart driving course with “beer goggles” was set up to demonstrate the effects of driving under the influence. The Manchester Fire Department Rescue 1 Unit and Engine 4 demonstrated their apparatus and Hazardous Chemical Response, as well as fire safety, prevention and response measures.

Hampshire Liquor Enforcement conducted their presentation “Fatal Choices” behind the recreation gymnasium on the dangers of drinking and driving, underage drinking, and the real life consequences of DUIs. Shortly following this presentation, students experienced a simulated distracted driving video exercise on an arcade-style safety video simulator.

Lastly, the US Department of Labor OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist conducted a Q & A session on occupational workplace safety and health for the students.

All Center students and staff were receptive and engaged for this successful event.

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