TI_electricolympics4Last Friday, those at Treasure Island Job Corps Center may have had a sudden urge to light a torch, look for doves flying, or wear 5 different colored rings.

If they did, they were probably subconsciously or consciously tuning in to the Electrical students participating in the Electrical Olympics held on the basketball court. The Electrical Olympics were a fun way of getting students involved and competing in basic and more advanced skills related to the electrical trade.

For over two hours students competed in two main events: An Obstacle Course and Wiring a Wall up for lighting. The obstacle course required participants to bend conduit pipe, demonstrate hammering proficiency, screw in an electrical box, and demonstrate strength and agility. The Electrical Wall event required students to wire for light switches and a light bulb, among other things. All participants were timed and the victors were awarded medals as they stood on the podium.

The event brought the students together in a fun event celebrated the skills that they had learned while at Job Corps and required them to execute them under moderately stressful circumstances. Likewise, the event helped illuminate (pun intended) where students had developed skill proficiencies and areas where improvement could be made and focused on. While students talked about having fun and wondered when the next one would be (in 4 years of course) one of the most lasting effects may have been the team-building that resulted as students joked and talked to each other about better techniques and better ways to accomplish the electrical tasks.

A special congratulations to the following medalists: Manuel Alberto Juarez (Gold Medalist), Riley Diarra (Silver Medalist), Romello Williams (Bronze Medalist).

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